Trained Tour Guides

Chicago has become a world class destination for tourists. Each year it attracts millions of visitors from the states as well as from abroad. Known for its architecture, its cuisine, its cultural institutions and its friendly people the city is lively and energetic by day and sparkles at night. One of the most popular ways to experience the city is to take an architectural tour on the Chicago River or a Lake and River Tour. Since 1935, Wendella Boats has been a premiere provider of narrated tours.

To assure that our guests receive the most accurate and engaging tours, Wendella established an in-house education department in 2003 whose primary focus is to hire and train tour guides who can deliver a quality tour. Guides are put through the equivalent of an undergraduate survey course in architecture and must learn both the Lake and River tour and the Chicago River Architecture Tour. Priority materials have been developed for each of the tours.

In addition to training tour guides, the Education Department is responsible for writing special tours. We have partnered with several organizations including the Friends of the Chicago River to provide opportunities for students to learn about environmental issues concerned with the river and the lake. We also participate in the annual Great Chicago Spaces and Places sponsored by the city. Because we care about our city, all of our tour guides are knowledgeable regarding Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (L.E.E.D.) and its impact on the architecture and the greening of our city. We have developed special handouts that document some of the highlights of each of our tours which can be downloaded here.

If you want to learn more about our Education Department and programs please send us an email.

Phyllis J. Kozlowski, Ph.D.
Director of Education
Wendella Sightseeing Company, Inc.