U.S. Coast Guard Master Scholarship

Wendella is committed to the development and advancement of Marine Crew who have proven to be eligible candidates for the position of Vessel Master or Captain. Those who meet the requirements shall be considered for the U.S. Coast Guard Master Scholarship.

If awarded, the recipient will receive funding for tuition and related costs for the purpose of enrolling in a Wendella-approved course to prepare for application and successful completion of the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) examination for a Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) as Master of self-propelled vessels not including auxiliary sail of less than 100 Gross Register Tons (GRT) upon Great Lakes and Inland Waters.

Upon successful completion of the approved course, the recipient must complete the USCG licensing process and in a timeframe as determined by Wendella’s Marine Operations Department.


Applicants must be a Marine Crewmember in good standing with a minimum of 360 days of documented sea service time within the last five years. Applicant must also hold a valid Transportation Worker’s Identification Credential (TWIC) and valid First Aid/CPR/Defibrillator card.

It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that they meet all applicable physical, medical and legal requirements of a Licensed Master prior to applying for this scholarship.

Applicants shall submit a resume along with a written letter requesting consideration for this scholarship including a description of their qualifications and career goals. Final applicants may be interviewed prior to the scholarship award.

Applicants work history with Wendella will be reviewed by management and decisions will be made based on the above criteria and the needs and goals of the company.

2023-24 Timeline

U.S. Coast Guard Master Scholarship application is available. Completed applications shall be submitted to the Marine Operations Department no later than 5:00pm CDT, Thursday, September 21. Incomplete or incorrect applications will not be accepted.

Sep-Feb: Approved courses commence. All scholarship recipients must enroll in a course that will take place during this time. Application for FCC Marine Radio Operator Permit must be properly completed and submitted online by recipient. Recipients shall simultaneously begin the online application process for their Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC). For more information visit the National Maritime Center (NMC). It is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that all applications, submittals and required documentation are correct and complete and submitted in a timely manner. Incomplete, incorrect or late submittals, applications or required documentation could adversely affect the Scholarship. 

: Upon successful completion of the course, scholarship recipients will take the USCG examination for their MMC as Master. The recipient shall submit their properly completed application packet and all attachments and fees to the USCG Regional Exam Center in Toledo, OH after successfully passing the exam.

Mar-May: Scholarship recipients will begin training with Wendella to become a Vessel Master. If training is not successfully completed in the allotted timeframe, promotion may be deferred.
May: Once successful training has been completed and valid MMC and FCC Marine Radio Operator Permit have been issued, recipient will be promoted to Vessel Master.

Wendella will pay for the following where applicable:

  • 50 % of tuition cost upon successful enrollment in Wendella-approved course. Recipient pays remaining 50% which will be reimbursed on the one-year anniversary of their promotion to Vessel Master.
  • MMC application User Fees
  • USCG/DOT-approved drug test
  • FCC Marine Radio Operator Permit application fee
  • Training, drills and exercises on applicable Wendella vessels

Documentation of all expenses and fees must be submitted to the Marine Operations Department and are subject to approval before reimbursement is made.

The U.S. Coast Guard Master Scholarship is awarded at Wendella’s sole discretion and is subject to change.

Wendella-approved Courses

U.S. Maritime Academy

Marine Learning Systems Online Course

U.S. Captain’s Training
$795.00 – $1,095.00

*If a candidate is interested in a course not listed above, they may submit the course details to Mike McElroy for approval.